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We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.

The best places to buy Jasmy coin: JASMY crypto is up 130% on July 2021

XRoad Initiative (XRI), a platform where blockchain technology and the world’s data intersect, has announced plans to launch an experimental Decentralized Autonomous Information Bank in Japan in collaboration with the IoT platform Jasmy. See the following website for more details

Mr. Sato’s speech in ESTOC 2021

Jasmy always efforts on working through various platforms that make up the IoT society. What Jasmy are creating is more than a world where user data is protected. Watching the following video to know more about Jasmy:

President Sato of JASMY gave an important speech at ESTOC2021, revealing that the Personal Data Locker will soon be commercialized

On August 20, ESTOC2021 (Embedded Systems Technology Open Conference), hosted by Witz, a leading travel service provider in Japan, was successfully held. President Sato of JASMY was invited to discuss with a group of leading Japanese industry leaders about the issues facing the digital transformation of enterprises. During the speech, he made a major announcement: “JASMY’s original Personal Data Locker will be commercialized this fall.” Stay tuned!

In this seminar, President Sato further elaborated on the concept of Platinum Data…

Recently, JASMY has officially signed a cooperation agreement with Sagan Dreams, a top football club that plays in the first division of Japan Professional Football League and the managing company of Sagan Tosu. JASMY thus became the official sponsor of the esteemed football club.

Starting from August 25, JASMY’s billboards and giant LED ads have been displayed at the club’s home stadium — Sagan Tosu Stadium.

In addition, JASMY will use its original blockchain technology to help Sagan Tosu issue the world’s first football NFT fan token. The fan token offering will be a creative fusion of JASMY’s blockchain technology…’s KPAD/USDT,JASMY/USD liquidity mining rewards pool (Automated Market Maker AMM) have been added, 50% of the trading market fee income will be added into the liquidity bonus pool; Taker and Maker fees are adjusted to 0.3% from now on ( Points reduction is not supported). KPAD,JASMY‘s current annualized yield is up to 713.54%. Join now:

Click on the link to earn KPAD earnings:

Click on the link to earn JASMY earnings:

KPAD trading link:

JASMY trading link:

Recently, eGame, an emerging e-sports platform originating from Japan, and JASMY have reached a preliminary cooperation intention. eGame will apply JASMY’s original blockchain technology to the field of e-sports for the first time. The partnership will focus on how to use JASMY’s unique blockchain-based distributed management technology to securely manage user data. This will enable e-sports platform users to securely store and safeguard all kinds of data on their smart phones as well as on the blockchain, and to authorize and track how their personal data is being used.

eGame is an emerging company that operates e-sports platforms and video…

What changes will blockchain technology bring to our lives? What will the future of blockchain look like? Today, JASMY will give the answer to you.

Recently, JASMY has decided to introduce a service that can transform personalized consumer data into tokens for payment. This is the first time worldwide that personal data has been made possible for payment through blockchain technology. It also marks the first time that a blockchain project has been successfully commercialized in Japan.

As JASMY stated, through JASMY’s original “Personal Data Locker” technology and based on the core service “Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC)”, JASMY has been…


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