Announcement of AMA with Bitget Japan

2 min readJan 19, 2024

Jasmy Lab x Bitget Japan AMA will be held.
Theme: “How will DePIN and RWA change the world?”

Sorry for the wait, Japan! This time it will be held in Japanese👏.

Date & Time: Thursday, January 25, 19:00- (Japan time)
Place: X (@BitgetJP)

How to participate in the BitgetJapan campaign:
Bitget will give away 5 USDT to 3 people who “repost” BitgetJapan’s post and 10 USDT to 1 person who “asks a question via AMA”.

①Follow BitgetJP
②“Like” & “Repost” the post (5USDT)
③Participate in AMA & ask a question (10USDT)
I will give an overview of the JasmyChain project and talk about the mutuality with Jasmy in terms of DePIN and RWA. Please look forward to seeing you there!

Learn about DePIN prior to the AMA.
The content is rudimentary so that even beginners can easily understand.

What is DePIN?
DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) is the Japanese translation of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure. It is a network that shares resources among individuals by introducing incentives for tokens (e.g., cryptographic assets). This is similar to services such as Airbnb, where specific activities, such as people owning a vacation home renting out their accommodations to other network members when they are not using them, are achieved transparently and efficiently through blockchain and smart contracts.

The key elements that make up DePIN include:

Physical Infrastructure: The operation of the DePIN network requires a variety of physical resources. These include solar panels, batteries, wifi hotspots and routers, servers, etc. These resources are provided by individual members and utilized throughout the network.

Middleware: DePIN relies on middleware that connects the physical world to the blockchain world. It is like a distributed oracle network that retrieves data from the outside and communicates it to the blockchain application, which in turn relays it to the DePIN network.

Blockchain system: Data collected by the middleware is sent to the blockchain, which acts as a money transfer system between administrators and providers and users. This rewards transactions and other value exchanges between network members. For example, a person renting a router could be rewarded for broadband access provided.

Token Incentives: Depending on how DePIN operates, opportunities for passive or active income are offered. For example, users who contribute to the implementation and operation of the physical infrastructure will be awarded tokens. This creates an autonomous ecosystem in which the network grows through the active participation and incentives of its members.

Examples of DePIN projects include Helium and File Coin, both of which are decentralized blockchain network platforms for IoT devices, and File Coin, a decentralized storage service.

It will be interesting to learn more about DePIN and Jasmy before the AMA and see how Jasmy can uniquely integrate with DePIN!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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