Announcement of Jasmy Community Establishment on Telegram

2 min readJan 15, 2024

Dear members of the Jasmy community,

We hope you are well. We sincerely appreciate your continued support. We are pleased to announce that we have restructured our community on the Jasmy & Jasmy Chain telegram.


Purpose of Restructuring: Striving for a Stronger Community

Telegram’s Jasmy community will provide a more engaging platform for discussion. Telegram’s community will share information faster and, in more detail, than X. By actively participating in discussions, Telegram members aim to improve their knowledge and the accuracy of the exchange of ideas.

Anticipated Changes: More Detailed and Real-Time Information Sharing

Through the Telegram community, we aim to swiftly and comprehensively share information about Jasmy and JasmyChain. By sharing new ideas and the latest updates, we aim to foster deeper connections within the community and collectively grow.

Importance of Your Active Participation

Your active participation is crucial in building the strength of the community. By contributing new ideas, proposals, and engaging in discussions, you play a vital role in enriching the entire community and making it more resilient.

Future Prospects: Venturing into New Frontiers

Upon the completion of Jasmy Chain development, our goal is to seamlessly connect users from projects deployed on Jasmy Chain. This initiative aims to expand the Jasmy ecosystem and serve as a bridge for acquiring Japanese users in the global Web3 business landscape.

The Jasmy community is committed to evolving without missing out on new innovations and trends such as L2 chains and DePIN. Your proactive involvement, along with your ideas and discussions, will contribute to the continued prosperity of the community.

Finally, we express our heartfelt gratitude for your understanding and support towards our new stage of challenges and policies. The Jasmy community is set to thrive further through your active participation and contributions.




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