Application of Blockchain Technology in Football Sports League with the assistance of JAMSY

Recently, JASMY has joined hands with Sagan Tosu, the top club of Japanese Football League A, to apply blockchain technology in the league for the first time in the world. Sagan Tosu is one of the top clubs in Japan and has a giant appeal and fanbase in the country. Jasmy will use the original blockchain technology and experience advantages to assist Sagan Tosu to upgrade the operation management of the stadium and the security management of fans’ data, which will greatly improve the management efficiency and strengthen the data security. In addition, in order to enhance the stickiness of the fans and the club, Jasmy has assisted in creating the club fan token for Sagan Tosu. The details of the token will be disclosed in the future, so stay tuned.

Through this cooperation, Jasmy will enter the field of sports for the first time to help the development of football. Meanwhile, it will also enrich and expand the application scenarios of blockchain technology and Jasmy platform.

The cooperation between JASMY and Sagan Tosu will definitely bring new changes in the field of sports league and a breakthrough in operation mode.

Introduction to partners

About Sagan Tosu

Sagan Tosu is the top club in the Japanese Football League A. It currently ranks fourth in Japan and is also the first team in Japan that has not been relegated. The team is worth USD 17 million. In recent years, the club has performed well, with the revenue of more than USD 23.22 million in 2019.

Its home stadium in Saga, Kyushu, Japan, which has a capacity of 24,490 spectators.

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