Cooperation of Jasmy & Centrality to Promote the Independent IoT Network on a Large Scale.

Jasmy has formed a strategic alliance with Centrality Ltd., a blockchain development enterprise, and combined its own IoT technology, original ideas and Centrality’s advanced blockchain technology to create a large-scale autonomous IoT network for a wide use. The core of the partnership is Centrality’s high-performance and extensible blockchain platform, which is realized by “PL ^ G” (plug-in) supporting multiple blockchains. We aim to promote the independent IoT network compatible with blockchain widespread through the cooperation.

Ecological complex

We will, based on Jasmy platform, develop services or machines used within enterprises, which are sensitive to blockchain and information management, on the premise of making good use of enterprise business, and promote the popularization of this provision. The mutual cooperation between enterprises is to provide convenience to users, not limited to enterprises.

Smart intercom

Jasmy has developed a multifunctional intercom (long distance, link lock, response to express delivery, etc.) with high security features to meet the needs of consumers, mainly due to the improvement of safety awareness and the expansion of corresponding needs when the elderly are alone at home. If we can join hands with the existing business related companies, we can promote the standardization of products and industries while promoting market growth.

Monitoring camera

Jasmy has added highly secure functions to the increasingly popular surveillance cameras, not only launching businesses with higher added value, such as AI identification and nursing by business cooperation with security companies, elderly nursing by cooperation with service companies, etc., but also responding to gradually expanding user needs on the basis of security monitoring, such as nursing services for the elderly and pets. By binding with the existing hardware service providers, both market and profit growth can be achieved.

Secure Smartphone

On the basis of the widely used PC, a new solution of applying secure area is proposed. We will provide unprecedented, reliable apps and services to users (especially enterprise users) who are increasingly sensitive to information security and personal information management before discussing and developing products and key apps with domestic manufacturers.

Developer plan

Jasmy provides development environment (SDK, API, etc.) for developers who are sensitive to blockchain and information management, and supports them to develop unique solutions, services and apps based on the platform provided by Jasmy, thus promoting the dissemination and sales of achievements, with a view to actively utilize excellent development.

About Centrality

Centrality is a technology startup platform company located in New Zealand. Its mission is to build a user-centered ecosystem. It uses blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies to create an advanced and interconnected world. Its ecosystem is growing with developers, venture capitalists, cooperative enterprises and start-ups, all of whom are keen to create a prosperous and decentralized future together.

Jasmy project background

1. JASMY is a technology company with IoT encryption and blockchain encryption, which is co-founded by the former Sony president, the sales director and the technical development director.

2. In Japan, the company has cooperated with corporate customers such as Transcosmos, the largest call center in Japan; VIAO, a well-known notebook brand; Witz, a travel solution provider (a Japanese listed company serving customers such as Toyota and Panasonic); and local governments in entity operation projects.



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