Interpretation of Jasmy development roadmap.

Jasmy Development Roadmap

In addition to developing and operating an independent decentralized network platform, we also support the innovation of enterprises with the goal of creating a safe data exchange market for the data generated on the platform.

This not only refers to the data exchange between individuals and enterprises, but also includes the strategic data sharing between enterprises. We hope this will be an opportunity to create new service models.

Stage 1: Platform popularization period

During the popularization period of the platform, we will actively cooperate with leading enterprises by utilizing our core technologies SKC and SG, actively introduce IoT hardware devices, and acquire more platform end users by developing new data and information security solutions. Enterprises obtain the right to use applications on the platform through Jasmy token, encrypt the user data collected by IOT hardware devices (computers, cameras, etc.) and save them in the data cabinets of the distributed storage system, so as not to centralize the management of huge data information, thus reducing the labor operation cost, server utilization fee and data management risk; at the same time, individual users who enjoy enterprise services can rest assured that their data and information will not be accidentally leaked and misappropriated. By creating a win-win environment for enterprises and users, the number of personal data cabinets will be expanded and popularized beyond the limits of region, age, and gender.

At present, in the Japanese market, a large amount of user information generated by the calling center through telephone, mail and other ways can be managed and used more effectively and safely through our systems and services. As the calling center industry has a large number of end customers, our concept can quickly infiltrate the life of vast number of end users through the initial business cooperation with it. The application developed by us in cooperation with the largest enterprise in the industry has been well received, and we can expect it to be widely commercialized as a standard application in the calling center industry in the future. With the advent of the 5G era, the popularization of the decentralized management environment we provide will accelerate, and we plan to expand the user personal data cabinets of leading companies as soon as possible.

At present, we have reached an agreement with TRANSCOMOS, a large Japanese calling center, to introduce Jasmy technology application service for personal computers, which will help TRANSCOSMOS employees effectively finish working from home during the COVID-19 epidemic, and can decentralize customer data storage, so as to ensure the security of customer data and information. We have also reached a business cooperation agreement with SONY, and the hardware products equipped with Jasmy technology will be widely used in Japanese domestic financial institutions and consumer service industries, helping corporate customers to better improve the data and information security system. During the platform popularization period, we plan to attract 30 corporate customers in the first year.

Stage 2: Value growth period

With the expansion of the number of users, the types and amounts of personal data that can be exchanged also increase greatly. In the growth period, we will shift the focus from the increase of personal data cabinets to the increase of the number of corporate customer in the platform and the initial creation of the ecological circle. By summarizing the successful cases in the popularization period, we will further expand our network effect, develop other enterprises with a large number of users and promote the development of new products and services.

With the increasing number of corporate customer in the platform, the number of individual users related these enterprises is also expanding. It is possible for enterprises to share data by paying for the data of these expanded individual users through Jasmy tokens, and the whole business model and ecosystem gradually form a closed loop, thus further attracting more enterprises and users.

At this time, the personal data cabinet reaches a certain industrial scale and the types of products and services on the platform increase to a certain extent, the types of information and data stored in the personal data cabinet will become more abundant, thus meeting the diversified needs of different enterprises and data users. For example, from the shopping history data of individual users to insurance contracts, with the increase of personal information quantity and complexity, the value of the data itself is constantly improved by expanding the application methods and uses of these data combinations, and the Jasmy token used to pay for these data will also increase rapidly.

At this stage, we will further expand the scope and scale of corporate customers, and hardware manufacturers, service providers and even more local governments and community service platforms in the market will be involved in our services. At present, we have begun to discuss with local governments in Hokkaido how to effectively use tourists’ data to provide efficient transportation and entertainment experience services, and help local service providers achieve economic development. We expect that more than 300 enterprises and organizations will be involved in Jasmy platform business in the value growth stage.

Stage 3: Ecosystem expansion period

When personal data grows to a stage where value can be created from it, an environment in which individuals provide personal data after receiving fair rewards has been created. Individual data owners can provide their own data to the trusted and preferred service providers in exchange for Jasmy tokens with appreciation space; and the service providers who have obtained customer data can provide higher quality services to more consumers according to the data information, thus further promoting the benign development of the market and constantly stimulating the enthusiasm of individual users to share information. Jasmy still plays the role of a neutral platform and does not control data like a centralized company; the data itself will still be managed in a decentralized manner by individuals through the technology provided by the Jasmy platform to continuously ensure the security of data information.

Through the continuous exchange of data and rewards, people have a new understanding of the value of personal data, and can consciously collect and utilize information. An environment where personal data can be used safely and reliably — an ecosystem — will be established. In this process, individual users will constantly realize the value and benefits of their own data sharing and participate in data exchange more frequently; with the increase of active enterprises and service providers in the ecosystem, the usage scenarios of Jasmy tokens will become more abundant. The Jasmy token obtained by individuals as a reward for data and information sharing will be exchanged for different services from the service providers in the ecosystem, while enterprises will invest in a new round of data analysis and service upgrade after obtaining Jasmy tokens. As a result, the circulation and value of Jasmy tokens will also be greatly improved at this stage. We expect that there will be 1,000 enterprises and nearly 6 million individual users participating in platform data exchange at this time.

Stage 4: Data exchange market establishment period

Under decentralized management, the use of valuable personal data needs a safe and reliable environment. Individuals also have the right to be rewarded for providing personal data. It is the Jasmy data exchange market where open and transparent data utilization and exchange between rewards and authorization can be realized. We are promoting the following development, facilitating individual users on the platform safely authorize the use of data and enriching the trading market functions. It is not only for the purpose of data exchange between individuals and enterprises, but also for the realization of strategic data sharing among enterprises to create a new valuable service model. At that time, we plan to open up the business between Jasmy ecosystem and other ecosystems, and connect the Japanese domestic market and overseas markets.

Therefore, when all people, things and services are interconnected to the network, the sovereignty of all personal data of “food, clothing, housing and transportation” closely related to people’s lives will return to the data owner. We hope to build a healthy and bright future by creating an environment where everyone can use their own data simply, safely and reliably.

About Jasmy

Project name: Jasmy

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Project brief: Jasmy is a company that develops and provides data security and sharing services in the IoT era — “Jasmy Platform”. We are committed to protecting the data originally owned by individuals and building a decentralized autonomous world, so as to realize the sharing of data value.




We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.

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We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.

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