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- Announcement on the Establishment of a New Project to Promote Token Economy
- Toward Establishing a Unique Economic Sphere
- About Jasmy Lab’s Token Listing Consulting Service
- About Jasmy Lab’s Token Economy Solution Service
- Raising Issues by the Jasmy Project and Moving Toward Data Democracy
- About Jasmy’s Technology for Valuing Data
- About Use Cases for Data Valuation Utilizing the Cryptocurrency Jasmy
- About the Roadmap for Data Valuation
- Final Thoughts

Announcement on the Establishment of a New Project to Promote Token Economy:

We have launched a new project, Jasmy Lab, with the objective of advancing the token economy for both Jasmy and other companies. The primary goal of this initiative is to spread our proprietary cryptocurrency, the “Jasmy Coin,” across the globe and to promote its growth. The secondary objective is to assist other enterprises in securing funds and acquiring users securely within the legal framework, just as Jasmy has done.
With revisions in Japanese law, the environment is increasingly conducive for companies to create their own economic zones. We are committed to offering support to many businesses looking to establish their unique economic spheres. We have coined this approach “Finance Democracy” and have adopted it as our new slogan.

Toward Establishing a Unique Economic Sphere:

With Japan’s new regulations, it’s now possible to issue stablecoins and list tokens. This presents a significant opportunity for businesses to attract investors and users, and expand their own economic spheres. Under the philosophy of “Finance Democracy”, we leverage our accumulated expertise to support companies and projects in establishing their unique economic zones. We believe the following three steps are crucial to realize this establishment:

  1. Formation of a Web3 (P2P) Community: Engage directly with investors through social media and voice tools, incorporating user feedback into the project. For example, we utilize voice communication tools like Twitter Space to foster interactive exchanges of information.
  2. Expanding Potential Customers through Token Listing: Token listing is not just a means for fundraising but also an opportunity to enhance the project’s visibility. By listing tokens on exchanges, projects can reach a broader range of investors and users.
  3. Building a Unique Economic Zone Using Wallets: A wallet to hold and manage the project’s tokens is essential. Wallets are not just for storing tokens on exchanges but are crucial tools to attract users to the project’s economic sphere.

Of paramount importance is forming a community where users actively participate and engage. It’s incumbent upon the projects to clearly convey their utility, technical superiority, and outstanding concepts.

We provide comprehensive support to shape and sustain these economic zones through these three steps.

About Jasmy Lab’s Token Listing Consulting Service:

Token listing is a crucial step for any project, yet it requires navigating complex procedures tailored to stringent rules and regulations that vary by country. Our team of experienced specialists at Jasmy Lab proposes suitable strategies and planning, offering support to meet the unique listing requirements set by different countries and exchanges. We handle the intricate procedural process on your behalf, and furthermore, assist in fostering the project’s ecosystem and community development post-listing.

About Jasmy Lab’s Token Economy Solution Service:

Drawing from the success stories of Jasmy, we offer services to build a token economy for various companies and projects. Our Token Economy Solution services include the following three:

Token Proof Gateway: With the technology of Token Proof Gateway, it becomes easier to authenticate and issue owned NFTs and FTs through the linkage between addresses and DBs, enabling the fusion of Web3 and real-world events. For those mainly operating their businesses in Web2, revealing their own address and using disposable wallets or addresses can pose significant challenges. To address these issues, Token Proof Gateway has been developed, making it possible to smoothly authenticate tokens in real-world scenarios.

OEM Wallet: We offer customizable multi-chain supported wallets tailored to the needs of each company as an OEM. This enables companies and projects to own their wallets while saving time and costs, making the integration into their economic spheres more straightforward.

Stablecoin: Under the newly established legal framework, we are making preparations and applying to provide a Japanese yen-denominated stablecoin, enabling common payments on web services and wallets. Serving as a unified payment method within platforms, and with potential for overseas use, this stablecoin is expected to assist in the global expansion of businesses.

In this way, Jasmy Lab plays a pivotal role in creating a new economic sphere, pushing forward the establishment of a token economy for businesses and projects.

Raising Issues by the Jasmy Project and Moving Toward Data Democracy:

Next, we’d like to share Jasmy’s philosophy and our initiatives towards data democracy.

We are passionate about solving issues related to personal data management. Generally, when using services on the internet, one is asked to provide a multitude of personal information: name, address, date of birth, gender, email address, credit card details, bank information, and more. Yet, few probably know how many sites they’ve given their personal data to. Especially concerning are more sensitive details like debt records or registration with marriage consultation services. Where are these details currently stored, and who is managing them? Moreover, our devices might be exposed to risks such as hacking. Is our device security truly robust? And can these corporations, holding vast user data, genuinely guarantee the security of individual data?

We have profound reservations about the opacity surrounding the management and protection of personal data.

In light of these concerns, we, at Jasmy, advocate for “Data Democracy”. Our mission is to create an environment where individuals can manage their data and provide it with confidence.

Jasmy envisions achieving this goal through three distinct phases:

  1. Safely store and control one’s data.
  2. Manage and control one’s devices securely.
  3. Use and provide one’s data securely and transparently under clear rules.

Furthermore, from a Web3 perspective, we’re committed to valorizing data. Data inherently holds value, and if individuals can control and leverage this value, it can lead to the creation of new worth. Consequently, we’re conceptualizing a system where individuals can share their data and receive compensation in return. Understanding the value of data and establishing a world where it’s tangibly assessed as an asset is our ultimate goal.

About Jasmy’s Technology for Valuing Data:

To realize a society that can value data, we have two core technologies that uniquely utilize blockchain. The first is the ability to properly provide your “KYC (Know Your Customer)” data to another party. We manage on the blockchain how and when such data was provided between parties that have conducted KYC. This makes the data usage clearly traceable. The second technology enables the management of one’s devices. With this, you can monitor the state of your devices even remotely. We have obtained a patent for this purpose.

Leveraging these technologies, we have developed a new product. It is the world’s only blockchain PC, released in May 2023 from Hong Kong. Jasmy, a venture company of Sony, has collaborated with the Hong Kong PC brand Avita to develop, manufacture, and sell this blockchain PC. We have begun taking orders mainly from Hong Kong, focusing on South Asia, and have already received over 20,000 orders. We continue our activities aiming to expand sales in Japan, the USA, and eventually worldwide. However, what we truly aim for is not merely selling the blockchain PC. Through the blockchain PC, by owning a personal data locker and managing one’s data, we want to create an environment where individuals can have control over their data.

About Use Cases for Data Valuation Utilizing the Cryptocurrency Jasmy:

The blockchain PC we developed allows users to securely store and provide their own data through the built-in wallet. Furthermore, by depositing a certain amount of JasmyCoin, the wallet’s functionalities are enhanced. This staking of JasmyCoin enables the activation of the wallet and promotes the valuation of data.

About the Roadmap for Data Valuation:

By having many people use the blockchain PC we developed, the number of data locker users will increase, and consequently, the variety and volume of data will grow. This will form a large economic sphere, making it possible to value individual data through an appropriate reward system. Through an ecosystem that properly utilizes data and provides rewards, users can freely offer or grant their own data. Additionally, if needed, they can retrieve their data, leading us to believe that a safe and highly trustworthy data marketplace can be realized.


Cryptocurrencies offer the allure of being able to raise funds through appropriate listings, which in turn can lead to attracting a larger user base. We are continuously striving to become a leading entity in the current cryptocurrency market.

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We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.