Jasmy Announces Launch of Joint Venture with AVITA Technologies

5 min readJan 10, 2023

Developed innovative IT & IoT solutions and founded a FinTech company in the Asia Pacific.

Jasmy Incorporated
November 7, 2022, 16:00

Jasmy Incorporated (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazumasa Sato; hereinafter “Jasmy”) announces that it has acquired capital in AVITA Technologies (Location: Hong Kong; President: Alex Chung; hereinafter AVITA) and will launch a strategic joint venture (hereinafter JV) to provide innovative IT & IoT solutions and FinTech services reflecting the significant development of Web3, blockchain technology, and crypto asset applications in the world.

The platform provided by Jasmy combines blockchain and IoT technologies and creates an infrastructure that allows individuals to use their own data safely and securely.

“JASMY was founded with the goal of “data democratization.” Today, the essential data generated from our daily lives is occupied by just a limited number of companies. We aim to build an environment where individuals, the original owners of data, can use their own data safely and securely on their own initiative, and create a society where each individual’s daily life is more enriched,” says Kunitake Ando, the founder and president of Jasmy

AVITA is also committed to bringing about breakthroughs in the industry by developing a broad range of PC and IoT device businesses and accelerating new business models in the Asia Pacific.
Jasmy and AVITA will add cutting-edge FinTech technology to the business and have our shared vision of bringing an integrated ecosystem to the Asia-Pacific market to provide a better life and a safer digital experience.

Jasmy was one of the first to adopt the concept of Web3, which is based on decentralized technology, and has developed the platform to realize “data democratization” by applying blockchain technology not only to the cryptoasset but also to a wide range of IoT devices.
AVITA provides services and solutions that better fit the needs of individuals by using “Personal Data Locker” and “Secure PC,” developed by Jasmy, to not only allow individuals to store their own information but also to provide companies with the individuals’ information that the companies exactly need, in a safe manner for those individuals. This concept is designed to protect and utilize personal information at the same time. In addition, AVITA offers a new business model DaaS, “Device as a Service,” for B2B customers, that integrates Jasmy IoT Platform with secure PC solutions. This model offers robust security when users access servers via remote networks, to provide companies with a safe work environment in remote offices.

The two companies agreed that it would be mutually beneficial for both parties to leverage each other’s strengths in this JV (joint venture) and develop a joint strategic business. AVITA and Jasmy are confident that they can obtain a variety of opportunities from their JV as the world demands the future development of the Metaverse and other new digital experiences.
Jasmy has also been looking to expand its business from Japan to the Asia-Pacific and the world, including secure IoT solutions and FinTech applications with its robust blockchain, IoT technologies, cryptoassets, and decentralized technologies based on its unique technologies. Through this JV (Joint Venture), Jasmy aims to become one of the most promising innovative IT, IoT, and FinTech company in the Asia Pacific with AVITA.

The JV (joint venture) framework between AVITA and Jasmy is as follows.

  1. Developing and producing laptops under AVITA’s PC brand “AVITA” or Jasmy’s original brand, equipped with Jasmy’s IoT technologies and solutions such as “Jasmy Secure PC.”
  2. Developing new business models utilizing secure PC devices and solutions such as DaaS, “Device as a Service.”
  3. Implementing FinTech technologies that apply blockchain, cryptoassets, and Jasmy IoT Platform.
  4. Exploring opportunities to promote and spread Jasmycoins in various settings in the Asia-Pacific region.
  5. Expanding sales across AVITA’s distribution channels, including retailers, e-tailers, direct sales, B2B partners, and all AVITA’s e-commerce platforms.

“Under the motto “Do what giant corporations can’t do,” AVITA is building an ecosystem where better lives and more reliable digital experiences are achieved through integrated, state-of-the-art technology to create a world beyond your imagination,” says Alex Chung, CEO of AVITA Technologies.

In pursuing this JV (joint venture), we are sure that we no longer need to limit our business by defining ourselves as mere service providers or computer manufacturers. We position ourselves as a change agent in the industry. Through the collaboration between Jasmy and AVITA, we will take on the challenge to develop new services in the Asia-Pacific region, including not only AI but also more secure IoT devices and solutions that leverage the inherent goodness of humans, as well as FinTech.

About AVITA Technologies International Company Limited
AVITA Technologies will continue to pursue unique products and solutions with “Live it up” as the spirit and slogan of the AVITA brand.
We have established a unique product positioning as “technology” + “fashion” based on our belief in creating inspiring value and have received numerous international awards and accolades. We have carefully transformed our inspirations into form following our three company cores: “freedom”, “diversity”, and “individuality”. We promise to constantly evolve with cutting-edge technologies to positively impact users and achieve effective results.
We also believe that the key to AVITA Technologies’ success is “diversity”. We will utilize Web3 and blockchain technologies to embrace the new era of change that is happening now and contribute to future generations. We will focus on developing technologies and products that enable people to work and live better in a virtual world even more connected to the real world. We believe that this is how we achieve sustainable growth for companies and provide meaningful value to our consumers.
*Find more information and announcement from AVITA Technologies at the link below
URL: www.avita.com

About Jasmy Incorporated
Jasmy Incorporated is a developer and provider of an IoT platform. When everything is connected to the Internet, “clothing, food, housing, and movement,” closely linked to people’s lives, will change dramatically. Jasmy’s mission is to create and provide a system (platform) that allows anyone to use things easily, safely, and with peace of mind. Nowadays, essential data generated from people’s daily lives are more likely to be occupied by only a limited number of companies. One of the goals of the JASMY platform is to bring back data ownership to its rightful users and to ensure the safe and secure use of individual data. In pursuit of this goal, Jasmy will integrate IoT with blockchain technology to develop a platform widely used across industries and business sectors based on its unprecedented ideas. Jasmy’s team consists of members with diverse and profound experiences in electronics, mechanics, communications, devices, system integration, design, and more to provide an ideal IoT platform for each of our customers worldwide.




We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.