Jasmy Executive Team Interview Video and Project Introduction(Part 1 from Kunitake Ando)

Hello, I am Kunitake Ando, Representative Director of Jasmy. I have spent almost all my career at Sony after graduating from college. Prior to becoming the President (General Manager) of Sony, I had the experience of building four new businesses from scratch.

One of them was a hardware business similar to VAIO notebooks, or XPERIA. Another is in the life insurance area, like Sony Life Insurance. All of which were unique entrepreneurial experiences for me. In the upcoming IoT era, pure hardware business is far from enough to take full advantage of the network and integrate new software or services. We must create businesses that can constantly create new value.

I mentioned earlier that I had a hand in building four new businesses, which is not to say that I am a very capable and talented engineer. In the 1970s and 1980s, Japan was considered the No.1 manufacturing power in the world. At that time, many unique ideas and innovations were born from Japan, and it was Sony that was at the forefront of the times. Unfortunately, however, the era of GAFA eventually began in 2000, followed by the Lehman Crisis in 2008. After that, the manufacturing and commercial capabilities of the Japanese became progressively weaker.

Jasmy uses blockchain technology to challenge GAFA

In the midst of this, I created Jasmy to integrate software and services for the coming era of the Internet of Things. And considered to challenge GAFA with blockchain technology.

We believe that personal data and information is important because of the value it contains. So far, data generated through IoT devices contains valuable information, but it has been completely exploited by parties other than the owners, most recently by GAFA.

An IoT platform that provides data security and shares information value

Here, we are committed to creating a world where everyone can use their data freely while protecting its value. We will start with Japan, and just as Sony has made the Japanese quality known to the world, we hope to expand Jasmy’s business worldwide.

Our strength is the “Japanese Quality” represented by Sony and other manufacturing powers. I believe the fact that your service is provided by a Japanese manufacturer or company alone can give you a sense of safety and security. A company like this can create very high credit value just by itself. And if we go further than that, we are created to generate value. In the future, blockchain technology will be widely used, especially on IoT devices. For example, on computers, smartphones, and other wearable devices.

We will accelerate our efforts in making such devices freely available on the Jasmy platform. I believe that in the near future, everyone will be able to witness our success. I will do my best and thank you for your support.

Jasmy’s IoT infrastructure

The IoT platform will use its own private blockchain developed in cooperation with the partner New Zealand Central Limited. It uses IoT-specific consensus algorithm, and the block creation interval is very short, less than 1 second. The blockchain network provided by the IoT platform is collectively referred to as “Jasmy.NET” by Jasmy. The operation of IoT devices connected to Jasmy.NET is controlled by smart contracts on the blockchain. Metadata such as video and audio data are processed in distributed storage location outside the blockchain.

IoT devices and applications connected to IoT devices are respectively connected to Jasmy.NET through P2P communication, ensuring security. To connect device to the IoT platform, it is necessary to use the 4 square centimeters electronic board (single board computer) or smartwatch type wearable device developed by Jasmy that supports 4GLTE, Wi-Fi, and other connection standards. By installing these devices, existing devices can also be connected to Jasmy.NET and easily converted into IoT.

(Part2 to be continued in the next story.)



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