Jasmy Executive Team Interview Video and Project Introduction(Part 2 from Masanobu Yoshida&Kazumasa Sato)

Hello, my name is Masanobu Yoshida and I started my career at Sony as a developer and video camera engineer. Later on, I was responsible for cell phone development and the PDA business, which was the predecessor of today’s smartphones. PDA was loved by customers worldwide with the CLIE brand. After that, I worked at SoftBank Mobile as Managing Executive Officer (Managing Executive Director) with overall responsibility for terminal and service development. During that time, the development of the iPhone, which was first launched in Japan in 2008, was impressive. We would like to take this opportunity to explain Jasmy’s concept and the advantages of our technology. Everyone says that the next big thing after the smartphone is the Internet of Things, and I agree.

Jasmy’s Mission

The Internet of Things is a concept that encompasses all hardware and devices, from small devices to cars, even large aircraft. The Internet of Things is constantly working around us, generating data that enriches our lives and benefits a wide variety of people.

However, the Internet of Things always comes with various elements of uncertainty. It might be hacked, or experience unstable operations. Or data leakage, etc. We use blockchain technology to address these uncertainties. If we go further into the IoT, we will reach the area of edge computing. From now on, Jasmy’s mission is to popularize edge computing and blockchain technology. We appreciate all your support.

Hello everyone, I’m Kazumasa Sato from Jasmy. Like the other two officers (directors of the board), I also worked at Sony. During my time at Sony, I was mainly responsible for marketing, with a special focus on IT products. I was the person in charge of VAIO when it was first launched in Japan. Besides, in the field of online business, after experiencing the well-known Sonnet and Plala projects in Japan, I served as the President (General Manager) of Sony Style, the first official e-mall for Sony in Japan for seven years.

My last assignment at Sony was as the head of design for Sony products worldwide. Based on these experiences, I learned various ways of business thinking, for not only hardware but also software and network. We are using this as the basis for deploying Jasmy’s development.

Jasmy’s key features

1. It is a technology that manages personal information as an asset of individuals. The information management technology is already in place, yet it can be more easily navigated using our technology. For example, when sharing an address, you can share either your locality in Tokyo or your full address with others. In addition, blockchain can be used to guarantee the authenticity of factual existence while allowing anonymous operation as a solution.

2. All of us had a track record of working with hardware, which gives us an edge in the proper handling, and management of devices. For example, it would be troubling if anyone other than yourself can easily open your own front door by simply sending a command. For that, we have developed the technology that makes the device follow only the commands of its owner.

We are in the process of patenting both technologies, and I believe they will be an important foundation for our business. For business models that use blockchain, digital tokens are inevitable. We plan to build a business model where tokens become indispensable as customers or business partners increasingly use our system. We are now receiving various inquiries due to the impact of the pandemic. Especially in today’s Japan where the demand for telecommuting is increasing. And it has led to the rise of demand for keeping your laptop secure, controlling your own camera, etc. Also, the pandemic has given rise to the requirements for geolocation information, which created the need for proper management of personal information.

In light of the above, we intend to launch several products and services for individual use in the next 6 months, so stay tuned. Thank you very much!


GAFA: Refers to the abbreviation of the four major Internet giants, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

The Lehman Crisis: In 2008, Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest investment bank in the U.S., announced that it filed for bankruptcy protection after negotiating a failed takeover due to investment losses, triggering a global financial crisis. The U.S.Treasury and the Federal Reserve helped save Bear Stearns which was on the verge of bankruptcy, but refused to rescue Lehman Brothers, causing a major controversy and a collapse in market confidence that could not be stopped, and the stock market was in a frenzy. One of the key lessons of the financial crisis triggered by the event is that competition among lenders can both foster innovations and bring a high degree of instability.

Sony Style: It is the online shopping site of Sony Japan and a distributor brand of the global direct-sale center.




We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.

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We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.

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