Jasmy Inc. patent for the generation and use of cryptographic keys

3 min readJan 24, 2024

Patent Number: [7250288].

Title of Invention: [Terminal Equipment, Information Processing System, and Program].

Date of Registration: March 1, 2023.

Inventors: [Kazumasa Sato, Sunao Morita, Takashi Hagiwara].

Background of Development:

Historically, terminal log information containing personal data has been stored with insufficient encryption. However, the ubiquity of IoT has underscored the importance of securing this log information. To address this, we’ve devised a secure storage method by recording terminal log information on a blockchain and introducing a novel key generation method.

Details of the New Technology:

This technology involves a program and a terminal device capable of generating multiple second keys using the first key and information from specified software. Logs containing operational details can be encrypted using either the first key or second key and then recorded in the blockchain.

Another aspect allows the creation of a second key using the first key and user or terminal information to encrypt and record logs of terminal device activities in the blockchain.

When information encrypted with a designated private key is written to the blockchain from the administrator side, the predetermined public key and the first or second key are needed for decryption.

This versatile method extends beyond traditional server authentication, providing an additional layer of security for user terminals. Its applications are expected not only in blockchain but also in various fields.

Future plans involve expanding implementation to our PCs and IoT devices to offer even safer and more secure platforms and services.

Images of Use in Our Products:

・Processing device operation records in Jasmy Secure PC

・Managing confidential information and authentication logs during user authentication, including biometric authentication

・Log management of IoT devices

・Handling important information logs in applications such as wallet apps

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a cryptographic technology that links transaction histories like a single chain to maintain accurate records. It makes data tampering extremely difficult, as tampering with a specific transaction requires altering all subsequent transactions. The distributed ledger system ensures that multiple systems hold and synchronize transaction history, minimizing the impact of failures compared to conventional centralized systems.

About JASMY Corporation:

JASMY Corporation specializes in developing and providing IoT platforms. The company’s mission is to create a system (platform) enabling easy, safe, and secure use of interconnected items in people’s lives. JASMY aims to restore data sovereignty to individuals and facilitate the safe and secure use of personal data. The team comprises diverse experts providing the best IoT platform for customers worldwide.

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