Jasmy Inc., The Company Aiming for “Data Democracy” Held Its First Strategy Briefing Session

4 min readApr 28, 2022

Jasmy Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Kazumasa Sato), a developer and provider of a unique platform that combines IoT and Web3 technologies with the mission of “Data Democracy”, held its first strategy briefing on Friday, April 22, 2022.

Jasmy’s Management Strategy: Kazumasa Sato, President & CEO

President Kazumasa Sato explained the background and strategy behind the “Data Democracy”, which is positioned as Jasmy’s corporate mission, “We want to realize a society where information can be used more safely and securely based on their own will.” The handling of personal information in today’s information society, has a structure in which profits are collected only by some companies due to a centralized mechanism, and various problems have been addressed. “We are building a platform that solves this problem and satisfies individuals, companies, and communities by popularizing our unique decentralized solutions using Web3 technologies such as blockchain and IoT. We want to lead the Web3 era.”

About the Jasmy Ecosystem: Hiroshi Harada, CFO
Explanation of Jasmy services: Takashi Hagiwara, Director and Supervisor of Software Development

Hiroshi Harada, CFO, explained the Jasmy ecosystem: “Jasmy aims to be a platform that enables the transaction of large volumes of IoT data through a mechanism backed by the value of personal data.” Regarding the newly announced “DD Coin”, “DD coin is a common currency with a yen-denominated stable coin (not cryptocurrency) function. We want to make it a mechanism that users can easily accumulate like points in exchange for providing their own data.” Furthermore, “The cryptocurrency ‘JasmyCoin’ traded on exchanges around the world, will be used as a utility for activating our wallet. As one of the few Japanese operating companies that issue cryptocurrencies, we would like to provide a mechanism that can contribute to the real economy as well.”

In addition, Jasmy’s services were introduced by Takashi Hagiwara, Director and Supervisor of Software Development. “Jasmy will provide a unique platform by combining our proprietary services Smart Guardian (SG) and Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC) with industry standard compliant blockchain and NFT. Furthermore, we will use AI to process and analyze personal data, and develop a variety of services.”

Introduction of Jasmy Service Case Study

In the latter half of this strategy briefing, companies that are currently using Jasmy services explained why they chose Jasmy, and what solution they have achieved.

Mr. Kazuhiro Miyoshi, Executive Officer, Deputy General Manager of DX Promotion Division

“The travel industry believes that in the post-corona era, travel styles such as reservation methods and customer needs will change significantly. Therefore, we chose to utilize Jasmy’s blockchain technology and personal data lockers. We have started a demonstration experiment on our owned media ‘Tripa’. We will expand our value proposition by matching users who are interested in travel with the value they want."

transcosmos inc.
Mr. Sasuke Mori, Digital Marketing, EC and Contact Center Supervisor
Digital Customer Communication Supervisor
Service Strategy Management Department, General Manager

“We have jointly developed ‘Jasmy Secure PC for Contact Center’, which specialized in work-from-home needs of Jasmy Secure PC. The key point is that the blockchain-based platform enables us to collect and view operational status of operators, and other information necessary for daily management. As digitalization progresses, security will be highly required, and we are looking forward to providing a solution while sharing our wisdom with Jasmy.”

Sagan Dreams (Sagan Tosu) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hiroshi Uchida, Chairman and Representative Director (*VTR)

“Jasmy took over the sponsorship of Sagan Tosu, and at the request of our company, we will receive a part of the contract money with JasmyCoin. And we are looking forward to the fan token service you provide.”

Jasmy Inc.

Jasmy Inc. is a company that provides platforms and solutions for IoT. When things and services are connected to the internet, fundamental human needs of “clothing, food, housing and transportation” will change drastically. Jasmy’s mission is to develop and provide a mechanism (platform) which allows anybody to use data safely and securely. In recent years, the valuable data generated from our everyday life is possessed by a small number of giant platformers in the global market. With the Jasmy Platform, we aim to create the world where each individual’s own data can be protected so that everyone can use their data safely and securely. To achieve this, Jasmy has uniquely combined Blockchain and IoT technology to provide the optimal platform solution for customers around the world, and across industries.
Jasmy team consists of members with diverse and rich experience in electronics, mechanics, communication, device, system integration, and design. We will provide the best IoT platform for our clients around the world.

Website: https://www.jasmy.co.jp/index.html




We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.