Jasmy is launching Jasmy Chain

5 min readAug 29, 2023

In our relentless pursuit of democratizing data and ensuring genuine user rights, we recognize that technological innovation is key to moving forward. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that Jasmy has officially launched the Jasmy Chain project.

Jasmy Chain is not just a brand-new technological endeavor; it’s a further commitment to data transparency, security, and personalized control. A Layer 2 solution based on Ethereum, Jasmy Chain aims to provide users with more efficient, cost-effective, and secure ways to transact data. Its highly scalable design can handle the rapid growth of future data volumes, ensuring that our community can enjoy a smooth and instant interaction experience while enjoying data sovereignty.

We invite developers, partners, and advocates of digital rights worldwide to participate in the construction of Jasmy Chain, jointly painting a beautiful chapter for the future of data democracy.

1. Background

With the rapid growth of data and increasing concerns about personal privacy, Jasmy is committed to transparency and democratization of data. As a leader in the web3 field, Jasmy has made outstanding efforts and contributions. We launched the world’s first blockchain PC, creating an environment for individuals to truly own and control their data. Through these efforts, we have successfully enabled individuals to control their data.

However, with the growth of our community and the deepening of digitization, the scenarios for data use and exchange are also increasing. To meet these new demands and provide more efficient and convenient data democracy services, Jasmy has realized the need to introduce more advanced technological solutions. Therefore, we are building the Ethereum-based Layer2 — Jasmy Chain to further enhance Jasmy’s scalability.

2. Why Jasmy Chain?

With a large number of users using our developed blockchain PC, we anticipate rapid growth in the number of data storage users, leading to a significant increase in data types and volumes. This growth not only forms a vast economic field but also allows us to price personal data through a suitable reward system.

Currently, users can freely provide or grant their data and retrieve it if necessary. However, with the growth of data volumes, Jasmy may face scalability and performance issues. In addition, users’ usage costs may increase, possibly affecting the liquidity and accessibility of data.

To overcome these challenges and continue to provide quality services to the community, we see Layer2 as more than a choice, but a necessity. By introducing Jasmy Chain, we can maintain more efficient data transaction speeds, reduce transaction costs, and ensure the highest security for users when transacting, storing, and managing their data. Additionally, Layer2 provides us a framework to further innovate, introducing more features and services to meet users’ growing demands.

3. Features of Jasmy Chain

We are excited about the open future of Jasmy Chain, which combines a range of cutting-edge design solutions to optimize data interaction experiences and ensure complete user data ownership. Here are the main design features of Jasmy Chain:

3.1. Account abstraction supporting rollup Layer2

Our current Layer2 development employs OP Stack-based technology and natively integrates an Account Abstraction-like system at the chain level. This design allows contracts to define their transaction validation logic, providing developers with greater flexibility. For users, this means a near-Web2 interaction experience on Jasmy Chain, significantly reducing friction with L2 interactions, while ensuring 100% compatibility with existing EVM standards.

3.2. Web3 Operating System integrated with Jasmy AI Engine

Our Layer2 goes beyond data processing. With the Jasmy AI Engine, we envision a genuine AI-driven Web3 operating system. This system will fundamentally change the perception of the Ethereum chain account system, transforming it from a mere “calculator” to a powerful “intelligent computer.” This transformation means that all interactions will become more modular, efficient, and intelligent. Our goal is to provide users with more intuitive data processing methods while reducing the threshold for interacting with on-chain personal data.

3.3. Precise Services based on DID and User Data

To better capture and process user data, we have closely integrated with Jasmy’s IoT devices, ensuring that account ownership always belongs to the user. This allows users to trade freely with data demanders, realizing the true value of personal data. Through native Decentralized Identifier in the account system, we have separated personal identity from data ownership and usage rights, giving data greater potential. This means that on Jasmy Chain, everyone can have a unique identity and truly return data control to users, ensuring equal access to the global economic system.

4. How Jasmy Chain Can Further Democratize Data

In the digital world, data has become a new asset. But the management and utilization of this asset have always been controversial. Jasmy firmly believes that everyone should have complete control over their data and derive genuine value from it. Jasmy Chain is another significant step towards this goal.

First, Jasmy Chain provides a cryptographically secured, decentralized environment, allowing users to decide how to share and exchange data without fear of misuse by third parties.

Second, through Decentralized Identifier (DID), everyone can have a unique identity. This means that data is no longer an anonymous, isolated asset, but closely associated with the real-world identity.

Finally, through Jasmy Chain’s economic mechanism, users can not only gain economic rewards from data transactions but also earn more rewards by trading their own and others’ data. This new economic model allows everyone to benefit from their data rather than letting a few large companies monopolize all profits.

In summary, Jasmy Chain represents the future of data democratization. It’s a system that allows everyone to participate fairly and benefit. We believe that as more people begin to use Jasmy Chain, the process of data democratization can be further realized.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Jasmy Chain is not just an upgrade; it represents our firm commitment to data democratization. We firmly believe that everyone should control their data, and further, users can monetize their personal data. Jasmy Chain will make this vision a reality. For Web2 users, we have built a bridge to enter the Web3 world in a familiar way while enjoying complete ownership and usage rights of their data, turning it into a real digital asset. For Web2 companies wanting to access user information, Jasmy provides an information source based on user identity and behavior data, allowing businesses to interact more precisely and valuably with users. For Web3 users, Jasmy Chain’s native account abstraction support provides seamless interaction possibilities between Jasmy Chain and the Ethereum ecosystem. Combined with Jasmy’s underlying asset potential, we are confident in providing a richer, more robust, and appealing ecosystem for the entire Web3 community.

We are excited about the future of Jasmy Chain. The team is working diligently on development, and we will announce more about Jasmy Chain in the near future.




We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.