JASMY joined hands with Witz in launching TISIWIT

2 min readOct 19, 2021


The newly-launched TISIWIT system can be used in various commercial performances as well as in the user management of the venue to securely manage user information through JASMY personal data locker technology, reducing the risk of leakage of sensitive information. TISIWIT system is a successful R&D exploration and a new solution in the era of Covid-19.

About Witz

Witz is a large Japanese public company (stock code: TSE 1 part 4440) that contributes to the development of autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and IoT/CPS society by providing specialized technologies such as embedded software, security, simulation, functional security and operating systems. Its sales are expected to exceed $20 million in 2021.Witz has been involved in the development of leading Japanese automobile manufacturers, auto parts suppliers, home appliance manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers

URL: https://www.witz-inc.co.jp/

Major cooperative clients

Panasonic Automotive

Aisin Seiki

Panasonic Advanced Technology





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