JASMY leads blockchain development by being the first in making personal data possible for payment through blockchain

2 min readAug 19, 2021

What changes will blockchain technology bring to our lives? What will the future of blockchain look like? Today, JASMY will give the answer to you.

Recently, JASMY has decided to introduce a service that can transform personalized consumer data into tokens for payment. This is the first time worldwide that personal data has been made possible for payment through blockchain technology. It also marks the first time that a blockchain project has been successfully commercialized in Japan.

As JASMY stated, through JASMY’s original “Personal Data Locker” technology and based on the core service “Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC)”, JASMY has been working to create a new ecological model that enables the sharing of data value.

In such an environment, platform users can manage their data securely and use it more effectively to create value for themselves.

As one of the most important ways to use data: JASMY has introduced a new payment service that allows users to store their valuable data securely in a “Personal Data Locker” through the original JASMY blockchain technology and use it more effectively. It is well known that there have been many grave hacking-related security incidents in the payment service area worldwide, an area that requires the highest level of data information security management. For that cause, JASMY has leveraged its “Personal Data Locker” technology to develop payment services that meet stringent security requirements.

In addition, the unique payment service developed by JASMY goes beyond a mere deposit system. It also contains an unique reward system that will provide added value to users continuously through the use of the data locker technology. JASMY’s goal is to enable platform users to commercialize their activity history data and other personal data into credits, coupons, etc., which can be used to pay for purchases in the same way as cash.

By introducing JASMY’s original blockchain technology, Personal Data Locker, to the payment system, it will make the value of personal data more accessible to the public than at any other time in history, creating an environment where people can conduct economic activities safely, securely, and more conveniently by enabling the “sharing of data value”.

The new payment service developed by JASMY through blockchain technology not only gives continuous empowerment to the commercialization application of blockchain, but also brings more trust to such technology, making the future of blockchain more tangible and visible.




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