Jasmy, Official Sponsor of Sagan Tosu, releases fan token website, pre-registration from July 2 (Sat.)

3 min readJul 7, 2022

Jasmy Corporation (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Kazumasa Sato; hereinafter “Jasmy”), the provider of IoT platforms and solutions, and the official sponsor of Sagan Tosu, launched Sagan Tosu Fan Token. The website opened at 19:30 on Saturday, July 2, 2022, and started pre-registrations.
Jasmy will continue to support Sagan Tosu and unite with fans through fan tokens.
Fan Token: A token using blockchain technology issued by a sports team, etc.


Sagan Tosu Fan Token

Sagan Tosu Fan Token aims to strengthen the team and develop together with the fans. The profit from the issuance will be used for recruiting players and training, as well as to build a better relationship with the fans. Those who purchase fan tokens will receive various perks, such as certain voting rights and new type of “dynamic NFT” that allows owners to see their status change according to their activities.
Sagan Tosu Fan Token is a new type of fan token that utilize NFTs on the JASMY blockchain. These NFTs use a technology called “Dynamic Fan Token” that upgrades the status of your fan token the more you support Sagan Tosu.

July 2, 2022 (Sat.) Pre-registration started at fan token website
Sep. 1, 2022 (Thu.) Sales open

①Dynamic NFT in which owners can see the status change
②Voting rights
③Various information and membership rights
④Benefits for top status earners
※These are examples under plan

First year 10,000 yen/year (registration fee 5,000 yen included)
Continuation 5,000 yen/year (Discounted up to free depending on status)

①Pre-register on the Sagan Tosu Fun Token website.(Started from July 2)
②Buy fan token(Starting from Sept. 1)
③Contribute to team
④Fan token status upgraded and rights obtained

Visit Sagan Tosu Fan Token website https://www.jasmy.co.jp/sagan-tosu/

Jasmy IoT Platform
Jasmy IoT Platform is a platform that provides a mechanism for everyone to use things easily, safely, and securely. The platform allows the safe and secure use of private data by attributing important data generated in daily life to its rightful owners.

Jasmy Corporation
Jasmy Corporation is a company that develops and provides IoT platforms. When everything will be connected to the Internet, “clothing, food, housing, and mobility,” which are the biggest components of people’s lives, will change dramatically. Jasmy’s mission is to create and provide platforms that enable anyone to use things easily, safely, and securely. Nowadays, important data generated from our daily lives are held by a limited number of companies. One of the purposes of Jasmy platform is to restore the sovereignty of data to its rightful owners, and to enable the safe and secure use of individual data. To this end, Jasmy will integrate IoT with blockchain technology to prepare a platform that can be used widely across industries and sectors based on unprecedented ideas. Jasmy’s team is made up of diverse and experienced professionals of electronics, mechanics, telecommunications, devices, system integrators, and designers, who will provide the best IoT platform for our customers across the world.

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