JASMY officially released a new concept of “Platinum Data” for leading the future!

4 min readJul 19, 2021

At the annual “Digital Innovation 2021” summit (the largest annual event in Japan that sets standards, norms, directions and trends for the future digital age) hosted by Nikkei BP on March 15, JASMY, a representative company of the IoT platform service industry, officially introduced the new concept and vision of “Platinum Data” to further promote the establishment of a sharing society of data value, which is of epoch-making significance. After the new idea was introduced, it immediately drew the attention of the industry.

Based on the original SKC (Security Knowledge Communicator) core service, JASMY has developed the “JASMY Personal Data Locker”. With this personal data locker as the core, by fully combining it with the platform services provided by JASMY, it is possible to maximize the value of data by enabling users to securely manage personal data and share it with trusted companies.

JASMY believes that this is not only a new exploration of the development of the Small Data model, but also a key solution to assist users in making better decisions in face of various daily scenarios and major moments in life. As this has great social value, therefore, JASMY named this concept “Platinum Data”.

JASMY has already seen fruitful results with some of its partners in the development of the Personal Data Locker. And in order to accelerate the commercialization of these progress, and to further popularize the “Platinum Data” so that more companies can join, JASMY has also developed a detailed business promotion plan that has been widely recognized by authorities.

The release of the new concept of “Platinum Data” by JASMY was met with positive comments and praises from lots of leading Japanese high-tech companies and management representatives of major Japanese industrial companies.

According to Kazuhiko Tabuchi, managing director of Transcosmos Inc.,” Transcosmos believes that JASMY’s brand new solution combining IoT and blockchain technology, and its innovative vision for managing the use of personal information, is exactly what we are looking for to improve and enhance the customer experience. Going forward, we will further deepen our partnership with JASMY to create a new type of call center that can provide an upgraded experience for our customers with the help of JASMY.”

Kazuhiro Miyoshi, Regional Revitalization Promotion Headquarter, general manager of Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd., pointed out that “We wholeheartedly welcome the new vision of Platinum Data put forward by JASMY for the protection and proper use of personal data, and as our company moves forward with digital transformation, we are making forays into new areas that are completely different from the traditional tourism industry.”

Ryo Nisaka, president and representative director of Japaniace Co.,Ltd., stated, “Japaniace appreciates the concept and innovation of “JASMY Secure PC” and the “Platinum Data” concept proposed by JASMY. The two sides share the same ideas on data management and will join forces in the future to engage in in-depth cooperation in many areas such as the training of cutting-edge technical engineers and the development of new technologies and innovative solutions.”

Shinobu Nemoto, president and representative director of Aplix Corporation, said, “Aplix heartily endorses the Platinum Data concept proposed by JASMY, and the two sides will engage in in-depth cooperation in the future to create a new blueprint for the development of IoT business together.”

The Epoch-Making Significance of Platinum Data

The new concept of Platinum Data officially released by JASMY is of great significance in truly realizing a sharing society of data value, and it is bound to open up a new niche market in the era of big data.

About Transcosmos Inc.

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Transcosmos Inc. is a large Japanese listed company (stock code: TSE 1 part 9715) with annual sales of nearly $3 billion in 2020. Its main business is to undertake various customer service outsourcing services, with nearly 200 business centers worldwide and is also the largest call center service provider in Japan.

About Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd.

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Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd. is the oldest travel agency in Japan, born in the Meiji era (1905), with annual sales of $500 million, and its parent company, JR West Japan Railway Group, is the largest railroad travel agency in Japan.

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Japaniace is a representative company of next-generation software system engineering companies that develop and research mainly AI, IoT, and cloud technologies. Especially in the field of manufacturing, it has been the hidden champion behind the label “Made in Japan”. As a Japanese high-tech software system development company, JNA has grown to become the industry’s top name in key areas such as AI, Cloud and IoT.

JNA maintains close business relationships with many well-known Japanese and global corporate customers, including Apple, Toyota, Panasonic, Sony, and Siemens, achieving full-year sales of nearly $70 million in 2020.

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