Jasmy OG Carnival

2 min readAug 10, 2023
Thank you for your support and love for Jasmy for a long time. In order to give back to followers, Jasmy will open an OG Carnival event. You can get our OG Badge and OG benefits by participating in the event.

What is Jasmy OG?

OG is a Badge for Jasmy who has been supporting us all the time, and this badge will also have some benefits for Jasmy. We launched 3 kinds of OG Bages this time:

  1. Jasmy Mercury OG
  2. Jasmy Venus OG
  3. Jasmy Jupiter OG

What are OG benefits?

  1. Get the unique OG Role in our community
  2. Unique OG Badge NFT
  3. Join the special Private OG Channel
  4. 24-hour admin response
  5. Jasmy exclusive news
  6. Hara irregular private meeting
  7. More Jasmy benefits~~~

How can we get the OG?

  1. Jasmy Mercury OG:

Number: 20

Time: 8/10–8/17

Participants need to join our Discord first, and we will give this OG to the top 20 referrals

Discord: https://discord.gg/8mMsN5jer2

  1. Jasmy Venus OG

Time: 8/10–8/17

Number: 10

During the carnival time, we’ll pick 10 of what we think are the best tweets about Jasmy. Not limited to tweets, it can be articles, comments, etc. But no matter what form, please be sure to tag our Twitter

  1. Jasmy Jupiter OG

Number: 5

Time: 8/10–8/17

Create all of the interesting stuff with Jasmy Logo, including but not limited to GIFs, memes, posters, and infographics. Your creativity and love has no limitation. You can put it in our Meme or post it on Twitter and tag us

Hurry up and take part in the OG Carnival event together!




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