Jasmy Roadmap 2024

4 min readApr 12, 2024

We are excited to share our roadmap for 2024.

① Data Valuation

-Special focus on increasing type and volume

Task.1 IoT Device Collaboration

・ Partnership with BIG IoT Device company (Q1)

・ Development new function with THE company (Q1-Q3)

・ Demonstration of IoT data utilization (Q3-Q4)

Task.2 AI Customize

・ Additional AI specifications for Personal Data Locker (Q1-Q2)

・ Expanded Blockchain PC functionality for AI (Q2-Q3)

The roadmap for 2024 is based on the concept outlined in the Whitepaper, and we aim to make it the year when we begin implementing two major initiatives.

First, the data valuation. We will focus on increasing the type and amount of data that can be identified as “my data.” We have been able to identify Blockchain PCs, user behavior, etc., but it was still insufficient considering the scope of the person’s activities. This year, we will focus on IoT devices.

Task 1, we will collaborate with Panasonic Advanced Technology. Actually, it was still undecided when the plan was formulated, but we were able to make an announcement during March. PAD is a software development company in the mobility field, from industrial robots such as automated driving and construction equipment to logistics systems. We will expand our platform capabilities to accurately input data coming in from the devices and use it for AI training and other applications while protecting privacy. The scope of the partnership is quite deep.

We will also focus on creating specific MVPs.

Task 2, Now, customize existing product features for AI Training to be deployed in JANCTION, an AI-Focused L2.

Currently, OpenAI’s products are difficult to prove how the answers were generated. This is because the input data is mainly from the Internet and lacks accuracy.

We would like to provide a distributed data library for accurate data input from two perspectives.

PDL, a database associated with the owner itself, from which data feeds to AI training can be traced..

Next is BlockchainPC, which will have the ability to label the log information generated by the device and extract only the information needed for input.

② Tokenomics

-Incorporation of JASMY into the platform

Task.1 Jasmy Wallet Implementation

・ Implementation of point system (Q1)

・ Exchange collaboration ecosystem formation (Q1-Q2)

・ Token and value exchange within Wallet (Q2-Q3)

・ Feature activation with tokens in Wallet (Q3-Q4)

Task.2 Lockup

・ Exchange-linked lock-up feature (Q1)

・ 100,000,000 JASMY Locked up (Q1/April)

Deploy Jasmy on the platform. There are two major functions.

Task.1 is a wallet that will allow users to transfer crypto assets and stable coins among themselves, as well as to award points. Both function on Jasmy L1, and blockchain transactions take.

The test model has already been completed and will be moved to a demonstration with users. Plans include earning points tied to user behavior, seamless exchange of points and tokens, and upgrading the wallet function with tokens.

In a joint project with the client, a mechanism linking the wallet and the exchange is also being considered.

Task.2 is Lockup. The first step was to implement a token lockup in corporations with an exchange, due to the fact that a license is required to hold customer assets when doing business in Japan and from a security point of view. $JASMY was deposited into the official account of the exchange and locked up. Using the amount as a source of funding, issue the same number of $JASMY on Jasmy L1.

100 million JASMY are already stored within the exchange for this ecosystem, and this will be used to finance the issuance of JASMY on the chain. The number of JASMY will be granted according to users’ actions and will increase as the ecosystem is formed.

③ Carbon Credit Exchange

-Start of exchange business, compliant with Japanese regulations

Task.1 Development of Jasmy Carbon Credit Exchange (Temporary) ・ Equipped with basic exchange functions (Q1–2)

・ Credit offset functionality with Token burn (Q2)

Task.2 Regulation

・ Voluntary market application of the same standards (Q3–4)

・ J credit certification (Q4)

Task.3 launch

・ Launch of Testnet and Limited Trading (Q4)

Task.4 Product Collaboration

・ Credit Linkage through Blockchain PC (Q3–4)

As for carbon credits, we have already guided them, but we hope to open the platform this year.

This is being done from two perspectives. We are working on this from two perspectives: to create our own platform and to provide the infrastructure for other projects. Both of these projects are in collaboration with local governments.

Task1. Carbon Credit Exchange will build a marketplace that utilizes NFT function, using ERC1155, and will have the ability to transfer and burn a large number of tokens at once.

The reason for NFT is that we are aware that in the future the credits will be attached to products and belong to individual users. We believe that the credits will raise the environmental awareness of individual users, which is also a data value.

Task2. We are preparing to establish a standard as a Voluntary Market and to acquire Jcredit’s standard.

Task3. We will open testnet by Q4

Task4. We are experimenting with using BlockchainPC to reduce CO2 emissions. Specifically, the reduction of gasoline consumption will reduce CO2 emissions if operations can be managed even when working remotely.

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