“Jasmy Secure PC,” a Robust Blockchain Security Solution, Starts Service Integration with “AKASHI”, a Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Management System.

3 min readJan 11, 2023

- PC log information can now be used as start and end times atwork

Jasmy Incorporated
November 16, 2022 1:00 p.m.

Jasmy Secure PC, a robust blockchain security solution provided by Jasmy Incorporated (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazumasa Sato; hereinafter “Jasmy”), has started service integration via API with “AKASHI”, a cloud-based time and attendance management system provided by Sony Biz Networks Corporation.

This new system can automatically register the start and end time information for companies using “AKASHI”. It links the worker’s active/inactive information recorded by the Drive Recorder function in “Jasmy Secure PC” to the time and attendance management system, “AKASHI,” via API. With this service integration, employees do not need to manually clock in and out on AKASHI, preventing employees from forgetting to clock in and out, reducing unpaid overtime, and shortening the time for the time and attendance management.

  • What is a cloud-based time and attendance management system, “AKASHI”?

“AKASHI” adopts an intuitive UI. AKASHI is a cloud-based time and attendance management service that allows users to check and modify attendance records and approve various applications quickly. This system has functions to flexibly manage 36 agreements setup, annual leave management, work hours tracking, legal changes, and complex employment rules.
URL: https://ak4.jp/

  • What is a robust blockchain security solution, “Jasmy Secure PC”?

Jasmy Secure PC is equipped with: a “Drive Recorder Function” to visualize employees’ work status, a “Ghost Drive Function” to protect data even when away from the office, and a function to check the active/inactive status of employees in real-time. These functions will create a safe and comfortable environment for new work styles, such as teleworking.
URL: https://www.jasmy.co.jp/jasmy_secure_pc/

  • Company Summaries

About Sony Biz Networks Corporation
Sony Biz Networks Corporation was established as a provider of the corporate ICT solution, “NURO Biz,” invested by Sony Network Communications Inc., a member of the Sony Group. From July 2019, Sony Biz Networks Corporation will integrate Sony Network Communications’ corporate cloud-and-network service business into its own business. By doing so, Sony Biz Networks Corporation will strengthen its wide range of business sections, from networking to cloud computing, and provide more value-added services to customers.
Home Page: https://sonybn.co.jp/

About Jasmy Incorporated
Jasmy Incorporated is a developer and provider of an IoT platform. When everything is connected to the Internet, “clothing, food, housing, and mobility,” closely linked to people’s lives, will change dramatically. Jasmy’s mission is to create and provide a system (platform) that allows anyone to use things easily, safely, and with peace of mind. Nowadays, essential data generated from people’s daily lives are more likely to be occupied by only a limited number of companies. One of the goals of the JASMY platform is to bring back data ownership to its rightful users and to ensure the safe and secure use of individual data. In pursuit of this goal, Jasmy will integrate IoT with blockchain technology to develop a platform widely used across industries and business sectors based on unprecedented ideas. Jasmy’s team comprises members with diverse and profound experiences in electronics, mechanics, communications, devices, system integration, design, and more. It provides an ideal IoT platform for each of our customers worldwide.
Home Page: https://www.jasmy.co.jp/

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