Jasmy’s Major Business Partnerships

4 min readJun 28, 2021


Jasmy & Transcosmos Blockchain PC (a large Japanese calling center)

The high-security PC developed by Jasmy for Transcomos, a large Japanese calling center, uses blockchain technology, call service application software based on blockchain and Jasmy’s SKC service, supporting 21,000 operators in Transcosmos to work from home efficiently during the COVID-19 outbreak.

This product not only realizes the distributed storage of related data of call service, but also ensures the data security when people are working from home. At the same time, it further improves the efficiency of call response through the analysis of operator data, thus providing data reference for customers to reduce labor costs.

Profile of Transcosmos

Since its establishment in 1966, Transcosmos has been committed to enhancing the competitiveness of client companies by integrating excellent “talents” with the latest “technical capabilities” and providing higher-value services.

At present, the company pursues and provides excellent operations in 173 bases of 31 countries (mainly in Asia) to support the business processes of client companies, including cost optimization and sales expansion. In addition, with the global expansion of EC market, the company provides one-stop service of global EC, including providing customers with high-quality products and services in 48 countries/regions around the world.

Transcosmos aims to become a “global digital transformation partner” to respond to changes in the business environment and support the transformation of customer companies by using digital technology.

Company website: https://www.trans-cosmos.co.jp/

Jasmy & Witz mobile travel service data platform

Jasmy, together with Toyota Motor and Witz, a well-known travel service provider in Japan, has created a platform for the local government of Hokkaido to record tourist data, which is used to promote the first commercial pilot of wide-area unmanned driving and supporting facilities in Japan.

The platform can collect and store relevant data of driverless vehicle users for the government, with the compliance of personal information in Japan. At the same time, the platform records the data of different behaviors such as the travel mode, duration, distance, shopping consumption and diet; such data by classification can be provided to local merchants, service providers and municipal departments for new value creation.

Jasmy’s technology can ensure the high security of huge data and flexible data access.

Profile of Witz

Witz is a company that contributes to the development of automatic driving, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things/CPS society by providing specialized technologies such as embedded software, security, simulation, functional security and operating system.

Witz has been involved in the development of leading Japanese automobile manufacturers, auto parts suppliers, home appliance manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers.

Major cooperative clients:

Panasonic Automotive Co., Ltd.

Aisin Seiki

Toyota Motor Corporation

Panasonic Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.

Project company website: https://www.witz-inc.co.jp/

Next-generation IOT business created by Jasmy & VAIO

The Internet of Things (IoT), namely, the “Internet with all things connected”, is an extended and expanded network based on the Internet, which combines various information sensing devices with the Internet to form a huge network, realizing the interconnection and intercommunication of people, machines and things at anytime and anywhere. The great wave of “the fourth industrial revolution” is going deep into all aspects of people’s lives. According to the forecast published by International Data Corporation (IDC) on June 18, 2019, by 2025, the number of IoT devices connected to the network in the world will reach 41.6 billion, and these devices will generate 79.4 ZB of data every year (1 ZB is about 1 billion TB).

Cooperation between Jasmy and VAIO

The next-generation Internet of Things created by Jasmy and VAIO can provide equipment and information management service based on the gradually popularized IoT machines with high security functions. We provide user-centered crisis management and centralized information management for hardware development / sales companies, which are customized according to the service situation of each company. Jasmy can easily unify and manage Jasmy’s proprietary devices by designing and developing the Internet of Things integration module.

“Jasmy is a company that develops and provides the Internet of Things platform. When everything is connected to the Internet, “clothes, food, housing and transportation”, which are closely related to people’s lives, will undergo tremendous changes. Jasmy’s mission is to create and provide a mechanism (platform) that enables anyone to use things easily, safely and securely. Nowadays, the important data generated from our lives are often occupied by a limited number of companies. One of the purposes of Jasmy IoT platform is to return the data sovereignty that should belong to the individual to the owner of the data, and make every piece of data safe to use. Therefore, Jasmy will combine the IoT with blockchain technology, and build a platform that can be widely used in all industries. Jasmy’s team consists of experienced members such as electronics, machinery, communication, device, system integrators and designers, and will provide the best IoT platform for clients all over the world.”

——Ando Kunitake, Representative Director of Jasmy Airdrop, December 2018

About VAIO

VAIO Co., Ltd., formerly the PC department of Sony Corporation, was established on July 1, 2014. Headquartered in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, the company provides planning, design, development, manufacturing and sales of PC business and contract business (EMS business) and related services.

Official website of VAIO: https://vaio.com/top/




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