New Version (Ver. 2.0) of “Jasmy Secure PC”, a Robust Blockchain Security Solution, is Released with More Powerful Features

- Improved functions and usability based on user feedback.

Jasmy Incorporated
November 15, 2022, 3:00 p.m.

Jasmy Incorporated (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Kazumasa Sato; hereinafter “Jasmy”) will release a new version (Ver. 2.0) of “Jasmy Secure PC”, a robust blockchain security solution, in mid-December this year.

The new version of Jasmy Secure PC incorporates customer feedback and enhances three features that utilize our unique blockchain technology: “Drive Recorder Function,” “Ghost Drive Function,” and “Remote Handling Function”. For customers who do not use the Jasmy Secure PC Manager, a management solution, we have also improved the usability of Jasmy Secure PC Agent PRO for stand-alone use.

The following is a list of major functional additions and improvements.

1. Selectable capacity for Ghost Drive, a virtual drive (Agent function)
The ghost drive capacity, which was previously fixed at 10 GB, will be selectable upon installation of Jasmy Secure PC Agent PRO, depending on the purpose of the use.

2. Application Alert / File Alert / Internet Alert
(Manager/agent functions)
Each detects access to pre-set applications, data files, and URLs and sends alert e-mails to the users and the administrator. These functions prevent the use of unauthorized applications and the risk of access to unauthorized files and websites.

3. Tardiness, Overtime, and Holiday alert (Manager/agent function)
By setting conditions (start time, end time, holidays, and active/inactive) for tardiness, overtime, and holidays, the system notifies the applicable person and the administrator of the applicable information by e-mail.

4. Improved UI and enhanced usability
Changed the display of each agent to the UI that allows managers to recognize easily.

The above function names, details, and screen images are subject to change without notice.

Jasmy Secure PC Product Page

About Jasmy Incorporated
Jasmy Incorporated is a developer and provider of an IoT platform. When everything is connected to the Internet, “clothing, food, housing, and movement,” closely linked to people’s lives, will change dramatically. Jasmy’s mission is to create and provide a system (platform) that allows anyone to use things easily, safely, and with peace of mind. Nowadays, important data generated from daily life tends to be occupied by a limited number of companies. One of the goals of the JASMY platform is to bring back data ownership to its rightful users and to ensure the safe and secure use of individual data. In pursuit of this goal, Jasmy will integrate IoT with blockchain technology to develop a platform widely used across industries and business sectors based on its unprecedented ideas.
Jasmy’s team consists of members with diverse and profound experiences in electronics, mechanics, communications, devices, system integration, design, and more to provide an ideal IoT platform for each of our customers worldwide.

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We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.

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We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.