President Sato of JASMY gave an important speech at ESTOC2021, revealing that the Personal Data Locker will soon be commercialized

On August 20, ESTOC2021 (Embedded Systems Technology Open Conference), hosted by Witz, a leading travel service provider in Japan, was successfully held. President Sato of JASMY was invited to discuss with a group of leading Japanese industry leaders about the issues facing the digital transformation of enterprises. During the speech, he made a major announcement: “JASMY’s original Personal Data Locker will be commercialized this fall.” Stay tuned!

In this seminar, President Sato further elaborated on the concept of Platinum Data, which was presented at the annual “Digital Innovation 2021" summit hosted by Nikkei BP. He believed that platinum data is irreplaceable. And it should have the following characteristics:Personally identifiable information is an important data that needs to be protected. However, there are more important data than first name, last name, address and phone number, such as behavior history, purchase history, etc. Flexible use of such data can make everyone’s life better.Platinum Data should be semi-anonymous, since it is not necessary to identify individuals and full anonymization is not always sufficient to meet the demands..Coming up with completely new solutions.Making good use of personal information.Balancing individual and enterprise requirements and needs when invoking shared data.In addition, President Sato believed that, user’s personal data should have a wallet of its own, just like personal property. That is, the concept of “Data Wallet”.

The details are shown in the figure below.

Besides, Mr. Sato made a profound analysis of possible successful creative cases from the perspective of JASMY’s Personal Data Locker and the current global trend of Edge AI, and proposed the following concept, i.e. “Your data is a part of you which shows your personality”.

At the end of his speech, President Sato introduced JASMY’s accelerated development of a new solution enabling digital transformation.

On the day of the conference, Mr. Takeshi Yamazaki, a famous Japanese baseball player, President Muroya of P.P. Communications, a Japanese leading consulting firm, and Acting General Manager Sugiyama from Witz also delivered speeches on stage. The conference received more than thousands of online attendees and over 400 comments on the day, and everyone gave praise to the industry elites for their wonderful speeches.

Witz Corporation


It is a comprehensive supplier of automatic driving and systems in Japan. It is a listed company with stock code of TOPX 4440 and annual sales exceeding USD 20 million in 2020. It provides software systems and solutions services for Toyota, Panasonic and other international group enterprises.

P.P.Communications Inc.


A leading Japanese consulting firm with unique insights and original research and analysis methods, especially for IoT, IT and marketing. Its main customers are large companies such as Dentsu and Hakuhodo.

Takeshi Yamazaki

Famous pro-baseball player in Japan who used to play for a major league team of Japan, the Chunichi Dragons, for a long time.

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