Promoting Social Change with the Sony Spirit and IoT Technology (EP 2)

The Future of Secure and Flexible Data Use is Upon Us

On September 16, xDX, a widely recognized new media in Japan, published its interview with President Sato of JASMY, “Promoting Social Change with the Sony Spirit and IoT Technology”. The article consisting of three parts covers the history from his time at Sony to the present at Jasmy.

Part I — The Creator of VIAO, an Embodiment of the Sony Spirit

Part II — Why Former Sony Executives Came Together to Start a Business

Part III — The Future of Secure and Flexible Data Use is Upon Us

This episode will focus on “The Future of Secure and Flexible Use of Data is Upon Us” proposed by President Sato.

How can KYC and KUM be combined to make effective use of data while avoiding data leakage and improper use? And what does the future of IoT and blockchain look like?

Based on the status quo of the Internet, President Sato believes that.Big companies like GAFA expose all of their user data to huge platforms, and in doing so users can enjoy the benefits of referral marketing. Sure, it’s convenient in some ways, but not enough to encourage users to actively use their data, and the ongoing debate over antitrust regulations in the U.S. means we haven’t seen the arrival of sharing of data value.A number of “information banks” are already in operation, mostly in the form of storing data on users’ behavior and consumption on online services. When a user deposits money in a bank, the user can send money, but it is currently difficult for companies holding the user’s personal information to send the money to the user due to the restrictions of the Personal Information Protection Law.We are not in the age of great technological inventions, but in the age of technological combinations. So it is necessary to combine KYC and KUM together to create a new era.

Looking at the above situation and problems, President Sato responded to each of them from the following aspects.

First of all, JASMY is developing a Personal Data Locker using KYC and KYM, which allows users to manage their own data, like a wallet or a safe deposit box, and to use it freely. In addition, by using JASMY’s original blockchain technology, data cannot be tampered with or stolen, and the process of data usage can be tracked.

For example, by allowing users who contact the call center for technical help to record their hardware and network information in a personal data locker and disclose the information in the locker to the person making the inquiry, we can avoid multiple user information calls, prevent leakage in the process, get a direct response from the manufacturer, and improve the quality of the response.

In addition, with personal data lockers, call centers do not need to keep excessive records, thus ensuring optimal information management and smoother, higher higher-quality responses in compliance with GDPR.

Second, JASMY describes a visible blockchain future by promoting the concept of platinum data. In the vision described by President Sato, on the basis that user data can be safely stored, all data of users’ consumption and behaviors on the network, such as call records, are stored in logs, which are huge in volume. This is followed by the creation of various services that not only summarize and utilize this data as big data, but also combine it with sensitive personal data that cannot be shared with the public, or cross data already stored in different services on an individual basis to improve the efficiency and value of data utilization. Users themselves as data owners will be paid, and eventually a marketplace will emerge where data can be passed on and shared. This would mean the true dawn of the era of shared data value.

About xDX

xDX is an emerging media company run by Pomalo Corporation that focuses on advanced technology and the application of them in digital transformation. It has taken Japan by storm with the concept of “Join the Chaos — Enjoy the Chaos Together. The interviewer, Yuichiro Yamada, is an up-and-coming writer who is gaining popularity among the younger generation as a favorite of the DX era.




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