Transcosmos released a new telecommuting system based on JASMY Secure PC for call centers

JASMY was invited to participate in ResorTech EXPO 2021 in Okinawa on November 18, 2021, where Transcosmos will launch the jointly developed Secure PC system for call centers. The system will be displayed together with the JASMY Secure PC Basic Edition. With live hands-on demonstration, visitors can experience and compare the new application system in depth on site.

The application of JASMY Secure PC system for call centers not only ensures the data security of telecommuting employees, but also improves work performance and the efficiency of the whole team. This system is a major application of JASMY blockchain technology in B to B commercial system, which can be extended beyond call centers to a variety of industries and projects. The subsequent development of the system has attracted world-wide attention.

Key features of the JASMY Secure PC system for call centers:

1. Ensure safety and efficiency during telecommuting. Similar to a car driving recorder, it can instantly record the system operation and working conditions.

2. Each employee can self-check their work efficiency at any time, and the management team can effectively monitor each employee’s terminal usage.

3. Each employee can check his or her work status and reduce the sense of alienation during telecommuting.

4. You can control the use of computers outside of working hours.

5. Full automatic filtering of private sensitive information and data of employees and customers.

ResorTech EXPO 2021 in Okinawa is a high-profile emerging digital innovation conference in Japan in recent years. This conference is attended and sponsored by many leading companies in the world and Japan’s electronic communication industry: Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Japan’s largest trading company), Salesforce (world’s famous software provider), SoftBank Group (Japan’s leading cell phone service provider and investment institution), NEC (world’s famous electronic equipment manufacturer), NTT DOCOMO (Japan’s largest cell phone service provider), NTT West Japan (Japan’s second largest network service provider), Fujitsu Japan (world’s famous computer manufacturer), Google cloudTranscosmos (world’s famous call center operator), SCSK (Japan’s leading software developer under Sumitomo), and Mitsui Electronics & Information (a large Japanese trader of electronic equipment), etc. Last year, the grand event attracted more than 23,000 participants.

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