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We aim to realize a Data Democracy by building a decentralized, democratic world where data is protected as inherently owned by each individual.

Jasmy and Nishimura & Asahi, an international law firm, announced their joint efforts in building the world’s first new token economy model centered on JasmyCoin, which has realized commercial application in major listed companies in Japan.

Crypto-assets, including Bitcoin, have always been strictly regulated in the Japanese market by local government agencies spearheaded by the Japanese Financial Services Agency. Due to existing laws and regulations, risk control, financial systems and other restrictions, large listed companies in Japan have never been able to resolve the issues concerning crypto-assets and real economy.

This important breakthrough was presented at the “General Meeting for…

In this AMA, we will introduce in detail Jasmy’s business model and core competencies.

NO.1 Bittrex & Jasmy Q&A

Bittrex Global: Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hiroshi Harada: Hello, I’m Hiroshi Harada, CFO of Jasmy. I took on the role of CFO of the Company in January 2020. I am responsible for accounting, finance and tax, as well as IR operations. Kunitake Ando is the CEO of Jasmy and has served as President and COO of Sony Corporation, and President and COO of Sony Engineering and Manufacturing America (SEMA).

Bittrex Global: Can you tell us briefly about…

At the annual “Digital Innovation 2021” summit (the largest annual event in Japan that sets standards, norms, directions and trends for the future digital age) hosted by Nikkei BP on March 15, JASMY, a representative company of the IoT platform service industry, officially introduced the new concept and vision of “Platinum Data” to further promote the establishment of a sharing society of data value, which is of epoch-making significance. After the new idea was introduced, it immediately drew the attention of the industry.

Based on the original SKC (Security Knowledge Communicator) core service, JASMY has developed the “JASMY Personal Data…

Recently, JASMY, a company dedicated to building IoT platform services, will sign a strategic cooperation agreement with KOOZYT, a top AI data parsing technology and solution developer in Japan. From March 2021, both parties will build a new application architecture engine based on JASMY’s existing blockchain technology, namely KJ Engine, and start a series of research and development and empirical experiments on the new application architecture engine.

The joint development by the two sides seeks to integrate advanced AI data parsing technology provided by KOOZYT, while realizing the development and provision of new solutions, in a view to jointly promote…

Recently, JASMY has joined hands with Sagan Tosu, the top club of Japanese Football League A, to apply blockchain technology in the league for the first time in the world. Sagan Tosu is one of the top clubs in Japan and has a giant appeal and fanbase in the country. Jasmy will use the original blockchain technology and experience advantages to assist Sagan Tosu to upgrade the operation management of the stadium and the security management of fans’ data, which will greatly improve the management efficiency and strengthen the data security. In addition, in order to enhance the stickiness of…

Ⅰ. Jasmy’s IoT platform

JasmyNet is a network environment that only Jasmy and recognized alliance companies can participate in. With the large-scale enterprise participants as the center, anyone can use the network continuously and safely by the consensus algorithm. Moreover, records such as data, keys and hash values can also be written into blocks. Each enterprise can provide its own smart contracts and services, which can also be integrated into our services, so that each company can use public data to provide services. This is our original business model, and we are now preparing to apply for a patent.


Q5 Can you tell us about the specific application and review process?

The previous chart has a general process, as follows:

  1. The exchange conducts a comprehensive review of the encrypted assets (a Japanese term, which means “crypto asset”) for which the listing application is submitted. The exchange will sort out all kinds of detailed information of the approved encrypted assets and submit them to Japan Virtual and Crypto assets Exchange Association (JVCEA) for secondary review.
  2. JVCEA will conduct a second review of the submitted information according to relevant industry regulations and association standards, and confirm that the encrypted assets are…

Witz participated in online CES 2021 from January 11 to 14, 2021. At the exhibition, Witz publicly announced that it has been using Jasmy’s technology.

It said, “MaaS platform “SXiM™” can not only share the destination to be exhibited, but also the purpose. It enables users to manage personal information and share it with each other without transmitting it to others. To realize this function, we are using Jasmy’s IoT blockchain technology.

At CES 2021, we suggest using MaaS platform “SXiM™” to share your fun and experience on the journey.

After realizing the smart city, MaaS, which can evaluate and…

Since the outbreak of the global COVID-19 in 2020, the situation has been unsteady. Based on this background, the business form of human society is undergoing profound changes. Offline interaction has been weakening, and online office system is favored by industries, especially online customer service system.

In Japan, which attaches great importance to safety, strictness and standardization, transcosmos home remote agent calling center service comes into being. Transcosmos is the largest calling center company in Japan, with operations all over the world. The provision of this new service has a far-reaching impact on the industry and market changes.

God assist…

Jasmy has formed a strategic alliance with Centrality Ltd., a blockchain development enterprise, and combined its own IoT technology, original ideas and Centrality’s advanced blockchain technology to create a large-scale autonomous IoT network for a wide use. The core of the partnership is Centrality’s high-performance and extensible blockchain platform, which is realized by “PL ^ G” (plug-in) supporting multiple blockchains. We aim to promote the independent IoT network compatible with blockchain widespread through the cooperation.

Ecological complex

We will, based on Jasmy platform, develop services or machines used within enterprises, which are sensitive to blockchain and information management, on the…


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